Why Unsubscribes Are an Agent’s Best Friend

Those who manage an email list will be all too aware that email unsubscribes are an unavoidable part of having said list. People change their mind, they may not like your content, or their situation may simply change. All are fair reasons to opt-out. But all is not lost. 

Email unsubscribes are a fantastic opportunity to check-in with prospects. If something has changed, you want to know what. Every person moving away from your business is an opportunity to learn how to keep people close to your business. 

You should call your unsubscribes. 

The specific motivations of unsubscribers are many, but they usually fit into one of these three categories: 

  1. They are no longer looking to do something in real estate (great, clean the database)
  2. What you’re sending isn’t meeting their requirements (excellent opportunity to learn what is relevant)
  3. They’ve just bought a property (meaning that they’re probably ready to sell!). 

Let's dive deeper into each of these motivations to explore what can be learnt to improve your business, as well as where they may be potential to bring them back for other services. 

They’re No Longer Looking to Do Something in Real Estate

A typical agent database has thousands of contacts. When you aren't engaging them, you have no way to tell who is a good target and who is not. Finding out that someone is not actually worth marketing to is hugely valuable. This cleanses your database so that you focus on warmer prospects with a real opportunity to convert. 

There’s no point having an unwieldy database with thousands of contacts if half of those people are not relevant targets for your engagement. Goodbye, unresponsive contacts. Hello, clean, quality database. 

What You're Sending Isn't Meeting Their Requirements

If what you’re sending isn’t meeting the requirements of your contacts, you need to know about it. After all, your content is meant to add value to your contacts and to make sure it achieves this goal, you need to know what it is that they require from you. 

Speaking to one of these customers is extremely valuable. This opportunity allows you to ask for feedback, which can build a relationship and may get them interested to re-subscribe. 

ActivePipe's Data Discovery Survey also helps you to learn from your database what their requirements are and what information is relevant to them. 

Email marketing needs to be personalised to the goals of those it is reaching, and it needs to be based on accurate data.

They’ve Just Bought a Property

This one is absolute dynamite. If they’ve just bought, chances are they are a future seller or may even be looking to sell immediately. If you had previously been marketing to them about buying, they might not realise you can also help them sell. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to pick up the phone and offer a human touch. Our techniques for an effective warm call covers all you need to consider when calling newly unsubscribed contacts. 

Unsubscribes Are Your Friend

Unsubscribes are unavoidable, but training your team to recognise their value is a smart strategy to boost results; keeping the database high-quality and relevant, gathering insight to improve your marketing, and snapping up opportunities to lock down sellers. 

Book an ActivePipe demo to see how you can start engaging with your database in a smarter way.


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Mona Chebbou
Mona Chebbou
Over the last 12 years, Mona Chebbou has dedicated every waking hour to developing herself both personally and professionally. As ActivePipe Head of Sales and Success, Mona is motivated by the idea of connecting people with solutions that truly enhance their lives. She has a deep passion for health and fitness, which has taught her strength, consistency, resilience, and perseverance. For Mona, success is the success of her team and the opportunity to be a positive role model for generations of women to come.