Special Event Campaigns

How many of your friends would remember your birthday if Facebook didn’t remind them?

Probably best not to think too hard about it. Even though subconsciously you know they’ve been reminded by a system, it still feels good when someone reaches out on the days that are important to us.

And it’s often these simple touchpoints that reignite conversations with people you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Now think about how you can use this concept to re-engage and create opportunities with your clients.

If you never missed an important date for any of your clients and always reached out with a personal message - how many doors would that open? How much extra revenue could you generate each year?

Introducing... Special Event Campaigns! 🥳

Reignite client relationships with a personal touch. You can now store custom date data against contacts in ActivePipe, which means you can automate highly-personalised campaigns, based on special events such as birthdays, property sales, property purchases and loan settlement dates.

Key milestones are a great opportunity to start new conversations and spark opportunities. See what’s happening in their life and see if there’s anything you can help them with.

You don’t need to remember to send something out for every important date for every client. Take the pressure off with automated campaigns that do it for you. 



What this feature means for you:

61% of people want a relationship with their agent. Your clients want to hear from you and key milestones are the perfect opportunity to open that conversation with past clients. Whether it’s to wish them a happy birthday or to check in on their new home each year, thoughtful touch points lead to more sales. 

This feature keeps you top of mind so that over the years clients remember you and return for future real estate transactions. Use the Special Event Campaigns as an easy opportunity to automate those touchpoints and create conversation starters years into the future.

The more you can continue to build a lasting relationship with your clients, the more often they will think of your name to use again or recommend.

Here are some ideas on the campaigns you can run with this feature:

  • Happy birthday messages
  • Property purchase anniversaries
  • Property sale anniversaries
  • Loan settlement anniversaries and reminders

How to setup these campaigns:

For each of these campaigns there are two key steps.

  1. Populate the date field for your contacts. Learn how to do that here.
  2. Create a campaign triggered by that date field. Learn how to do that here.

If you would like help setting these campaigns up, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Note: This feature is most applicable to users who manually upload contacts into ActivePipe and users with certain CRM integrations. Other CRM integrations will need to manually update contact date fields from within ActivePipe.



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Harry Marsden
Harry Marsden
Harry leads the marketing team in Australia, New Zealand and the US. Harry has worked in digital marketing for B2B tech companies for 9 years and has a strong focus on building scalable growth. He believes a deep understanding of the customer should be at the core of any marketing strategy. When not in the office you can find Harry rolling around on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats.