Save time with automated local market reports!

Time is not a luxury agents are often blessed with. Every single client and potential client in an agent's database now expects personalised, detailed and relevant content delivered when they need it. One piece of content has been a staple in every agents toolbox, and that's the local market report. But of course, they are time consuming to create and send... until now.

Market reports are one of the most valuable pieces of information a client can receive from an agent,  however creating these for each client can be tedious. Local market data has to be pulled from data suppliers, organised into a tailored report, personalised to each client and then the email campaigns need to be set up. Agents are spending more and more time creating content and less time converting. The good news is - it can all be automated.

Introducing our latest feature, MarketInsights!


With this feature, you can now regularly send interactive local market reports to the contacts in your database without all the manual work. Keep clients engaged with their local property market with dynamic market data that gives your clients key insights into their neighbourhood, including property price trends, recently sold properties, rental statistics and even population demographics!

Utilise strategic call to actions on your market report to generate appointments with buyers and sellers when they are most engaged.  And with engagement reports delivered to you after each automated send, you always know who is engaging with your market reports so you can follow them up with a friendly call.

MarketInsights nurtures clients in the online world so you can prospect and convert in the offline world!


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Michael Messig
Michael Messig
Our Chief Technology Officer Mike knows more coding languages than he can count on two hands. With over a decades experience building scalable web applications and a raging passion for all things tech, Mike is our go to guy for technical direction.