How agents used content to succeed during lockdown

Following the launch of RealEstate Content in August, it's been incredible to see how real estate agents have used the new feature to stay connected with their clients throughout lockdown while they were not able to list & sell properties.

Sending highly targeted prewritten content to their database has equipped their clients with valuable knowledge about the market, building confidence in the market empowering them to make good decisions as the market reopens.

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Google Trends is an excellent tool agents can use to better understand what kinds of information their database could be actively seeking out. Below we have outlined some insights that agents can use to further leverage content to address the needs of their clients.

  • New Zealand saw a 60% increase in searches for "First Home Loan" in the past 12 months
  • In the United States, interest continues to increase around "Investment properties" 
  • Australians are looking to be more and more informed when making important decisions regarding buying a home. For example, the search term "What to look for when buying a house" increased 160% in recent months.

RealEstateContent Articles

The RealEstate Content database contains over 300 prewritten articles written specifically for buyers, sellers, investors, and first home buyers. Every month our content writers add 15 new articles. You even have the opportunity to suggest topics you would like to see covered!

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Priscilla Augustin
Priscilla Augustin
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