Driving Buyer and Seller Loyalty for Real Estate Brokerages

Your clients are often overwhelmed with emails. But, in the real estate industry this is one of your most effective tools to stay in touch – to keep buyers and sellers informed about their property as well as other market data that might interest them. At ActivePipe, we pride ourselves in helping our brokerage and agent clients increase their effectiveness and success. To get some insights, we interviewed over 30 recent US residential home buyers. See the results on this infographic. Feel free to embed this graphic on our site using the code below.



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Mike Feller
Mike Feller
Mike started his career playing soccer for the US National Team. This athletic background fuels his competitive spirit and motivated him to go back to school, get his MBA, and take on the business world. Mike has worked in high-level leadership roles across tech, startup, and consumer products and loves being involved in the early stages of a business’s development.