No CRM? No worries. Check out these new features!

CRMs are a popular way to manage the contacts in your sphere, but they are not feasible or appropriate for every agent. So we've developed some new features that significantly improve the power of ActivePipe for users who don't use a CRM*. Let's take a look!

Property Feedback

Feedback from open house attendees gives sellers crucial insights about the demand for their property and allows them to make informed pricing decisions and uncover ways to improve their property to maximize their sale price. But property feedback is not just useful for sellers!

Research suggests most potential buyers want to be contacted within 48 hours after an open home. Post open home surveys can be vital to not only get feedback on the property but to identify the most engaged potential buyers that are ready to take action.

“I expect a follow up within 48 hours, I’m happy to provide feedback and an honest opinion and reason for my interest in exchange for up to date information from the agent.”

Agents that don't use a CRM now have the option to send property feedback surveys to the contacts that attend an open house. This new feature allows you to select the listings and the timing to request property feedback, putting you in control and allowing you to identify the most interested buyers to follow up with.

Here's how to use the new feature to ask your contacts for property feedback.

Import Buyer Preferences

When delivering new or sold properties to your contacts, relevance is of utmost importance. In our recent research study, consumers looking for property flagged the extraordinary importance of personalizing property emails to match their needs with 72% stating they expected the information in emails to be tailored to their requirements. Watch this video to see how participants reacted to generic vs targeted property emails!

The ability to filter your emails by property preferences like the number of bedrooms, price range, and property type ensures that the properties your clients receive fit their needs. Historically, this was a time-consuming process for non-CRM users, however, with our latest improvements you can now import, manage, and edit these preferences in bulk, with the click of a button.

With more visibility and control over these property preferences you can not only now serve more relevant listings to your client, but also you can employ powerful campaigns like 'Just Listed Alerts'. Once set up, any time a new property comes to market that matches your clients' preferences, they will automatically be sent that listing the very same day.

When a new property hits the market, our research found that 63.3% of those we surveyed wanted to hear about it ASAP. 

Read this article to see how you can set up your own Just Listed Alert campaign.

*These features are now available to Enterprise users.


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Harry Marsden
Harry Marsden
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