Mastering The 'Off-Market Campaign'

Mastering Off-Market sales are important now more than ever. In this current economic climate, it is safe to assume that cash is and will continue to be tight for the next 6 to 12 months. Sellers are reluctant to spend big on marketing so providing an off-market strategy should be essential in every agent's toolkit.

Why is off-market important for agents?

Off-market properties are perfect for apprehensive clients to dip their toes in the water. Nervous buyers and sellers may pause their entire process or pull their property from the market. This is where the off-market campaign comes in. This strategy is perfect to offset any nervousness clients might feel during these uncertain times. The off-Market campaign can help with creating for creating loyal customers who come to you for exclusive opportunities.

What do you need to begin selling off-market? 

There are three tools you will need to sell off-market. A website to host properties on, a well maintained and segmented database, and your communication tool.

Hot Tip: Many agencies hide their off-market properties behind a sign form. This is a great way to collect contacts to build your database with prospects.

We recently did a deep dive into what kind of content you can send to your off-market clients. Watch the recording here



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Priscilla Augustin
Priscilla Augustin
Immersed in the realm of digital marketing, Priscilla is familiar with the many facets of marketing. From content creation to working on large scale projects, she has several years of expertise and knowledge. When she’s not busy working on Active Pipe’s promotional efforts, you can catch her on her yoga mat getting her zen on!