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We are very excited to announce a major product development here at ActivePipe, Introducing, Grow!

Grow, is an all-in-one lead generation system designed to unlock the millions of dollars of commission sitting in agents’ contact database by identifying and activating the opportunities ready to act. 

Our consumer research, The Trust Report found that 39% of leads are lost in a typical real estate agency. Which in a typical database of 3000 contacts, is equivalent to 60 listings. Based on the median Australian house price and a commission of 2.5%, that’s the equivalent to $1.4m in commission being lost per agency.

Grow helps seal this gap in the sales funnel without giving agents additional work to do. That means agents can now incorporate their one-to-one prospecting, listing and selling, confident in the knowledge that the hard work of nurturing leads and delivering buyer services at scale is being handled expertly behind the scenes.


Grow identifies high-value contacts based on their online behaviour and tailors communications to suit their property objectives, including valuable touchpoints such as automated local market reports and real estate articles that offer useful advice. These features are not just designed to help agents stand out, but also save significant time so that agents can spend more of their day in front of the clients that need their attention.

Recent research by Accenture found that 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to receive a more personalised experience. People that don’t feel they are getting personalised service are not shy about switching to competitors that use technology to deliver a more relevant and useful experience.

Real Estate agencies are no longer competing against each other, you are now competing with every other experience your customer has along their property journey. Forward-thinking agencies are using this to their advantage to create positive experiences that their clients want to talk about to others.

Our mission at ActivePipe is to put the tools in every agents hand so you can deliver great client experiences and list and sell more property. Grow makes all of that possible at price points that suit every agency's objectives.

Learn more about Grow here

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Michael Messig
Michael Messig
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