Email Marketing Isn’t Just About What You Send: It’s About What You Receive Back

Congratulations, you hit send!... Now what? 

Now you start to see the real value: the data gathered from your campaigns will tell you exactly what your contacts are interested in. 

Many people fall into the trap of only focusing on what they’re putting into their emails. Which is understandable, content and construction is absolutely important in order to establish your brand and share engaging information. However, I’d challenge you to also pay attention to what happens after you click send. 

At this point, you’ve likely heard of “open rate” or “click rate”. And those are important… but ActivePipe goes even further than that with our data reporting. 


Firstly, ActivePipe automatically highlights your highly interactive contacts. These are people who are consistently engaging with your emails; numerous opens and several clicks. There’s no more guessing about who’s interested, we give you a direct list of the people you should be talking with. Moreover, not only do we give you that list, but you can see exactly what properties they’ve been looking at. Gone are the days that you have to make a call with no information about what the contact is interested in. Now you can make a call and be able to lead with “I noticed you’ve been looking for a 2/2 in the Northwest Hills area, I wanted to check in and see if we could set up a meeting to talk more about your needs?” 


Taking this a step further, for our customers who are using our Enterprise product, we even label your contacts into “Intent” groups. Intent is established two different ways: explicitly when a contact fills out an interest survey and also implicitly by analyzing the contact’s engagement behaviour, using machine learning embedded in ActivePipe. This means you save even more time. For example, our system can identify that the contact is looking at 3 bed/2 bath houses near their current address but also looking at 5 bed/3 bath houses across town. Bingo: this person is an upsizer. Now you don’t even have to dig into the properties that they’ve interacted with. You already know their need: more space.


Ever wanted to be able to show your sellers exactly what you’re doing to market their home? With ActivePipe, you can. Once you’ve sent out an email with the given property in it, you’ll start to see real time engagement data. You’ll be able to tell your seller exactly how many people have received an email with their listing, how many people have viewed their listing, and how many people have clicked on it. Now you have measurable data to demonstrate just how hard you’re working to get them the best offer.



Yet another resource that you’ll want to pay attention to are your inbound requests generated from the call-to-action buttons and links you’ve included in your emails. Not only are you notified immediately by email when one of your contacts requests a showing or a home valuation, but we also organize them for you in one easily manageable spot. These are valuable live leads, not to be ignored - your contact is explicitly requesting and welcoming your follow up.



While I definitely spend plenty of my time coaching ActivePipe users on what to include and how to structure their emails for the best results, it’s ultimately those results that matter. So do yourself a favor and make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re receiving back from your contacts: you just might find some useful information.



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Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner
As a Customer Success Manager, Elizabeth is on the front line with ActivePipe customers. She spends her time consulting with brokerages all across the US to maximize their engagement strategy. She has a passion for (and track record of) helping clients crush their goals. When she’s not empowering customers with creative solutions, you can find her hiking, biking, snuggling her pup, or working on her next MBA class.