The Top 10 Content Ideas for Real Estate

In the digital word, engaging content is king. You can create an endless amount of content, however, if you're an agent with a busy schedule, you need content that is easy to create and effective. We have pooled together 10 content ideas that speak to your audiences' needs and won't distract you from listing and selling property. 

  1. Market Reports
    Market reports are perfect for positioning you as the local property expert. Market reports can either be physical copies (very old school!), manually built PDFs or interactive digital landing pages like Market Insights or HomePrezzo Suburb Reports.


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  2. Answer common questions

    If you want to be seen as the expert an easy way to do this is by answering common questions around real estate with evergreen articles. Think about it from the clients perspective, when doing their research what kind of questions are they asking? You can even write about changes in the market. This kind of content is highly engaging and elevates your personal brand above competitor agents that simply spam prospects with salesy emails. Our RealEstate Content provides agents access to exclusive content that is professionally written, allowing you to flex your expertise.

  3. Infographics

    The everyday person is constantly immersed in images and videos. Recollection of visual imagery is 4 times higher than text and visual information is 30 times more likely to receive higher engagement compared to written content. 

    Infographics are a fun way to present information to your clients about recent updates on the property market, this tactic gives them useful information in a quick and easy to consume format perfect for social media. Tools such as Canva and HomePrezzo can turn boring statistics into scroll-stopping images with pre-built templates.



  4. Suburb Videos

    With just your own phone and record a quick video to camera about how your local market is performing, or how your auctions fared. Why not get some of the locals in your area involved to talk about why your community is great to live in. But if that feels too much like hard work or you don't fancy getting in front of the camera, you can use tools like HomePrezzo to turn the market data for your area into an engaging video for emails and social media.

  5. Get involved locally

    Every local community has events and charities you can easily get involved with, you might already be involved already! Initiatives like these make great content to build up a sense of community. Post invitations to events and encourage people come along. Snap a quick photo or video of your team and share it on your social media and email newsletters.

  6. Quality photography

    Visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are great way to attract audiences that are looking for specific styles of homes. As we know, people are highly visual so imagery of that perfectly styled room will always attract a lot of engagement. When posting these images think about descriptive captions and using hashtags such as #luxuryhomes, #tropicalliving or even #designerkitchens. It's understandable that sometimes agents don't have access to these perfectly styled property images, so consider photo editors like BoxBrownie who can replace rainy skies with sunsets, furnish empty homes or even declutter busy rooms with their editing services.

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  7. Property Listings

    Property listing posts are low hanging fruit. They target active buyers & sellers who don't want to miss any listings on the market. You can send weekly property listings to keep your prospective clients engaged. Be sure to include call-to-action buttons where relevant to drive website traffic and conversion.

    While property listing content is fairly easy to create, don't overdo it. Remember your clients are doing their own research, so if they see the same properties too many times you run the risk of disengagement. The trick is not share all your listings at once, be targeted.

  8. Property Listing Videos

    During lockdown, we have all moved further into the digital world. Agents are now using video to give buyers an idea of the layout and vibe of a property. Property listing videos can be repurposed across multiple platforms and channels. Here are some examples: embed them into your emails, post them as Instagram stories, reels, IGTV and put money behind them with social media advertising.


  9. 360 Degree Virtual Tours

    While we were all stuck at home in lockdown, the property industry adapted to the new world with virtual walkthroughs. Agents quickly learnt that virtual walkthroughs are here to stay even after lockdown ended. Why not use this tool to help your clients further immerse themselves into a property to get a real feel for the flow of the home. You can even access valuable data on what people found most interesting about the property - this kind of data is not available during public open-for-inspections. There are a host of providers including Diakrit and, Virtual Tours Creator.

  10. Testimonials

    Word of mouth is powerful even in our digital world. Customers trust other customers. As an agent you likely already have a number of testimonials on hand. When used with care, they can make great content. Sites like RateMyAgent can help you collect more reviews and promote them too.
    Bonus: Content Calendar

    By now you probably realise just how much content you are creating and putting out there on a weekly basis. To make sure you are on top of all the content, create a content calendar to make it easier to manage.  To learn how to create one and download a template, click here.

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Kylie Davis
Kylie Davis
Kylie Davis is a real estate digital marketing expert, researcher and public speaker about proptech and how digital disruption is changing real estate. In January 2019, during the NSW bushfires, she was repeatedly evacuated from both her parents’ home in Tathra, and her own holiday home near Moruya on the south coast of NSW.