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Top 3 email campaigns marketers should be sending out to maximize lead generation! 

If your agents are keen on email marketing but slow to actually take charge and send out their own campaigns… you’re not alone. More and more, agents are relying on their marketing teams to help them ideate, create, and even send emails for them. The good news is that with ActivePipe, this is your time to shine. 

We’ve compiled the top 3 campaigns that you can quickly set up and automate to go out from your admin account, on behalf of your agents. You set the email up once, add your agents in as needed, emails go out that look like they’re coming from the individual agent. Then they start getting leads (by doing essentially nothing) and you start seeing more web traffic and gain better brand recognition. Suddenly you are the marketing mastermind (we always knew you were)! 

We’ll also discuss how you can best deploy these so that agents are able to understand the value of your work, while also giving them the chance to voice their needs as well.

For a complete breakdown of how to set up each of these campaigns in your account, download the cheat sheet here!

  1. Monthly Sold Report 

    This campaign is specifically designed to nurture and capture potential sellers. You’re providing local market insight with the goal to spark their interest in what their home might be worth.

    There are 3 main ingredients in our example: 1)An introduction, 2) a button that opens up an email, and 3) properties. You could of course add more content to any of these emails, but these are the basic building blocks. 

    In order to save time and make your life easier, you can make this completely automated. To do so, you’ll want to use the property toggle. This means instead of individually selecting the properties to be included, you’ll set certain filters and then ActivePipe will use those to automatically pull in the properties that match. Gone are the days that you have to copy/paste and re-format every single property picture and detail one by one every single month to update this email. Let ActivePipe do the work for you. 

    Once you have the email built to how you’d like it, you’ll need to set up the campaign that actually delivers the email. You can learn more about the nitty gritty of campaigns here and in the white paper pdf. Really, the important part to remember is to make use of our “repeat this schedule” option and choose your cadence (in this case, we’re recommending every month). 

    We recently had one brokerage try this type of campaign and they received over 30 requests for CMAs just in the first month.

  2. Weekly Listings Update

    This one is fairly straightforward and is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a catalog of the properties that have been listed in the last week. It might sound elementary, but companies like Zillow and Redfin are doing exactly this and if you want to stay competitive, you should too. It’s all about arming your clients with the most up to date information. 

    The upside to simplicity is that the creation of this should only take a few minutes! Again by using our properties toggle, this can be completely automated and you won’t have to worry about updating every single agent’s version with their own new listings every week. Seriously- set it and forget it! 

    Bonus tip: You could always include a button at the bottom of the list that links back to your own MLS feed on your brokerage site as a way to “View more properties.”

  3. Weekly Price Change Alert

    Here’s where things start to get excitingly sophisticated. If a contact had previously interacted with a property and now there’s been a price change, wouldn’t you want to let them know? You can do just that.In this example we’re keeping it simple again. We have a brief introduction that would remain relevant every time the email goes out, followed by a header and a property section. Many customers don’t often read long paragraphs anyways, they just want the fast facts about why this email is relevant to them. Therefore, we tend to live by “simple is better.”

    This email could also be completely automated. You personally don’t have to know exactly what properties each contact was previously looking at, our system does the work for you with their interaction data. You also don’t have to know that price dropped, as long as it’s updated in your property feed, it syncs to ActivePipe. By once again using the property toggle, these properties will automatically fill in based on what a contact had previously interacted with and has recently had a price adjustment. 

    The great thing about this campaign is that because it’s filtered all the way down to the contact’s previous interactions, this is pretty much guaranteed to include relevant and engaging information.

    Honorable Mention: Monthly Newsletter

    A monthly newsletter with market statistics, local updates, or education/entertainment driven messaging is a great idea as well. However, many of our clients are already doing this! Thus, we thought we’d focus more on campaigns that haven’t been quite as universally adopted. If you haven’t yet started sending a monthly newsletter out on behalf of your agents though, it’s absolutely worth considering. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to be the local expert. 

    Launching a campaign for your agents

    Best case scenario: You’re able to present the campaigns in a meeting to all your agents.  If this is the case, you can show them examples of what you’ve crafted and how it will look exactly with your branding. Take this opportunity to be your own best hype man! Position this as a service to the agents that is going to make them more and more competitive. Remind them that other agents and services like the aforementioned Zillow and Redfin are sending these, so they should be too to remain competitive. Then from there, there are two methods you might take. The first is you make the exciting announcement and let them know  “We’ll go ahead and turn these on for anyone with an ActivePipe account by “X date, unless you directly opt out by then.” Quite honestly, this usually has the most success because you are making it the absolute least amount of work for them. Plus most agents won’t deny a little extra well crafted attention to their brand. Nonetheless, some folks do prefer to do a “opt-in” strategy. If that were the case you would still want to present it similarly to your agents, but then tell them explicitly that they need to opt-in for these to start going out on their behalf. Many of our clients use a google form to collect “opt-ins” from their agents, which is especially useful if you have a large roster. If your team is particularly hesitant, try sending these out for 1 or 2 agents and then present their success to the whole group. 

    It’s also worth noting that once you create any email as an admin, you can share it out to your agents accounts without sending it on their behalf. I would always recommend this, especially if you’re taking the “opt-in” approach. That way agents would be able to go into their shared emails and take what you’ve done and customize to their liking if they so desire. You can learn more about sharing emails here

    Again in an increasingly competitive market, being able to provide tangible services to your agents is becoming more and more necessary. These are just 3 examples that you could easily implement to more directly serve your agents and ultimately help your business grow. Additionally, for your own team, with more consistent emails going out across the brokerage, you’ll see an increase in brand awareness and an increase in web traffic. One of our partners implemented a handful of similar automated emails and they saw an increase in web traffic of 160% in the first 90 days. 

For a complete breakdown of how to set up each of these campaigns in your account, download the cheat sheet here.


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Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner
As a Customer Success Manager, Elizabeth is on the front line with ActivePipe customers. She spends her time consulting with brokerages all across the US to maximize their engagement strategy. She has a passion for (and track record of) helping clients crush their goals. When she’s not empowering customers with creative solutions, you can find her hiking, biking, snuggling her pup, or working on her next MBA class.