Brokers flocking to “prospecting on steroids” service

ActivePipe was recently featured in Broker News! As we celebrate an important milestone, Broker News outlined the importance of email marketing in the mortgage broking industry.

Check out a snapshot of the article below:

One of the mortgage broking industry’s best marketing technology services has celebrated a significant milestone.

ActivePipe, which helps brokers nurture clients and generate business through its marketing automation platform, has just signed its 1,100th broker subscriber.

This represents rapid growth for ActivePipe, which launched its broker product only three years ago.

One reason for this rapid growth is that ActivePipe has conducted data analysis and market research to discover how often brokers should contact their database and what sort of content they should send.

Superstar broker Bernard Desmond, from Blank Financial, said ActivePipe helps him retain business and safeguard his trail book.

"If you are a mortgage broker and you don't have ActivePipe, you are doing a disservice to yourself and leaving deals to be lost,” he said.

“ActivePipe is prospecting on steroids without much effort. They have curated content which will keep your existing customers and pipeline clients engaged, leaving your brand front of mind when they need your service.”

How brokers can increase their chances of converting prospects

RateOne COO David Yu said ActivePipe makes it incredibly easy for brokers to establish themselves as trusted authority figures in the eyes of new prospects and existing clients.

“When you get a new prospect, you can put them on a high-quality email sequence, written by ActivePipe, that increases your chances of converting that prospect,” he said.

“With existing clients, you can send them regular content, written by ActivePipe, that keeps you front-of-mind, so you’re the first person they think of when they need a new loan.”

Activepipe's platform achieves the right balance between functionality and automation.”

Coronis Financial Services Director Tyson James said what he most loves about ActivePipe is that it’s both automated and personalised.

“If you want to flick a switch and automatically send your database content that’s been written by ActivePipe, you can do that,” he said.

“Another option is to write your own content and plug it into ActivePipe’s superb scheduling and delivery system.

“Or you can do a combination of those things. It’s too easy.”

Why email outperforms social media

ActivePipe’s Head of Mortgage Broker Channel, Paul Smith, said the company would continue investing in research and technology, so it could better support brokers as it continued expanding.

“We're running more research products, investing in new features and finding more ways to help brokers communicate to all the different leads, applications and clients in their database,” he said.

“With all the complexity around getting noticed on social media or even your website, email remains that easiest, cheapest and most effective way to speak to the contacts in your database who trust and know you.”

However, Mr Smith added an important caveat – email marketing works only if the content is interesting, relevant and helpful.

"Long gone are the days when sending promotions or RBA rate updates to your database was enough. People want and expect value-driven content. But also laid out in a way that matches how short of an attention span people have online,” he said.

This story was covered in the news article by Broker News. Check out the full article here


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Paul Smith
Paul Smith