4 tips for writing an email to check in with your clients

As we progress through the 30-day challenge it’s important to be agile enough to handle new developments as they arise, such as the extended stage 4 lockdowns in Victoria. Now is the time to check in with your clients, but how do you know what to write?

  1. Sympathise with your clients

    With uncertainty over when restrictions will lift, your clients are likely feeling discouraged and anxious right now. Remind them that you understand what they are feeling.

  2. Outline the situation

    Example: With the Covid-19 lockdowns for Victoria now extended, this is an extremely difficult period for many of us. Covid has put a wrinkle in the plans for many who were going to sell, or buy a new home this year.

  3. Offer support and resources

    Example: While I am not a counsellor, I do understand the local real estate market. And the most important part of my job has always been to provide good advice to people about what to do about their property, regardless of market conditions.

  4. Provide reassurance and next steps

    Example: Although the real estate industry is currently locked down, this cannot continue forever. Having a plan for how you are going to navigate your next step on the property ladder will come in handy when restrictions finally ease. If you would like to discuss your options - or even just have a rant, please feel free to give me a call at any time.

We hope this helps, and as always feel free to reach out to success@activepipe.com if you need any assistance setting a campaign like this up.


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Priscilla Augustin
Priscilla Augustin
Immersed in the realm of digital marketing, Priscilla is familiar with the many facets of marketing. From content creation to working on large scale projects, she has several years of expertise and knowledge. When she’s not busy working on Active Pipe’s promotional efforts, you can catch her on her yoga mat getting her zen on!